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Jan - Aug 2017

In 2017, as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) explored listing Bitcoin ETFs, our visionary founder, Mr. Christopher Nicolas William Valentini, recognized a pivotal moment in financial history. Understanding the profound implications for both ETFs and cryptocurrencies, Mr. Valentini was inspired to establish an asset management company specializing in these innovative assets. Thus, ETFore was born, marking the beginning of our journey at the intersection of traditional finance and emerging digital assets.

April 2018

During the 1st quarter of 2018, ETFore escalated its technological prowess. We achieved this by integrating machine learning software into our system, marking a turning point that positioned us at the forefront of technological innovation in the financial services sector.

Asset Under Management Growth (AUM): The integration of machine learning technology likely contributed to our AUM growth, as it enhanced our ability to make data-driven investment decisions and attract more assets from investors.

Crafting Tailored Algorithms

Building upon our success with ROBO advisors and machine learning, our skilled technical team embarked on crafting individualized algorithms during the second quarter of 2018. These algorithms were meticulously designed to cater to users' preferences, enhancing their trading experiences and bolstering their successes.

Client Acquisition: The introduction of tailored algorithms likely attracted more clients seeking personalized investment strategies, increasing client acquisition.

Seamless Algorithm Integration

Our efforts culminated in the final quarter of 2018 when we flawlessly integrated our proprietary algorithms into our trading system. This seamless integration laid the foundation for a new, efficient, and profitable trading era.

Consistent Profitability: The successful integration of algorithms indicated our commitment to achieving consistent profitability for our clients by using advanced technology to optimize trading strategies.

June 2019

Celebrating Investor Success

As the second quarter of 2019 dawned, ETFore celebrated a milestone: surpassing 50,000 active investors who had reaped substantial profits courtesy of our intelligent algorithms. This triumph underscored our commitment to translating innovation into tangible benefits.

Industry Recognition: Our success in delivering profits to a growing number of investors likely garnered industry recognition, positioning us as a leader in the field of algorithmic trading and financial technology.

January 2020

Seizing upon opportunities presented by the tumultuous events of February 2020, including the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we demonstrated our adaptive strategies and resilience. Amidst global uncertainty, our data-driven decision-making proved crucial, allowing us to navigate through unprecedented challenges. Recognizing the potential for innovation in these times, we capitalized on opportunities to diversify our portfolio and expand our presence in the trading landscape.

September 2020

Unveiling AI-Powered Market Insights

Amidst market fluctuations, ETFore unveiled an AI-powered trading bot designed to measure market uncertainty. This initiative, launched in the third quarter, empowered traders with insightful data, aiding them in navigating volatile waters.

Jan-June 2021

Convergence of AI Excellence

In the first quarter of 2021, ETFore's journey toward excellence reached a convergence point. We integrated AI trading, ROBO advisors, and machine learning to create a harmonious ecosystem that provided traders with an unrivaled array of profitable signals.

July - December 2021

Global Expansion Beckons

With the onset of the final quarter of 2021, ETFore boldly opened its doors to international members, extending an invitation to financial enthusiasts across the globe. This move heralded a new era of global collaboration and innovation.

Jan -Aug 2022

Remarkable Growth

As Q1 to Q3 2022 unfolded, ETFore proudly celebrated a staggering achievement: surpassing an active member count of 100,000, a testament to our commitment to empowering investors and delivering exceptional results.

Sep-December 2022

Online Business Unveiled

Amidst the festive season of the fourth quarter of 2022, ETFore set forth on a new venture, launching an online business platform. This strategic move facilitated cross-border interactions and catalyzed exponential business growth.

May 2023

Digital Frontier Explored

In the second quarter of 2023, ETFore etched its mark on the digital frontier with the launch of its online platform, hosted at This digital presence epitomized accessibility, ease, and user-centricity.

December 2023

Venturing into Corporate Lending

With the end of 2023 approaching, ETFore unveiled its aspirations to venture into the corporate lending sphere as a Venture Capitalist. This strategic pivot showcases our multifaceted approach to financial growth.

January-August 2024

Empowering Common Investors

The second quarter of 2024 bore witness to an empowering initiative: the introduction of Unlisted share Investment. This offering democratizes investment opportunities and enables common investors to engage with the world of unlisted shares.

Portfolio Diversification: Our foray into unlisted share investment further diversified our portfolio, providing our clients with new avenues for potential growth.

November 2024

Pinnacle of Portfolio Growth

By the close of 2024, ETFore aspired to reach the pinnacle of portfolio growth, targeting an investment portfolio exceeding 5 million US Dollars. This audacious goal underscored our commitment to creating substantial value.

Jan-Dec 2025

Expanding Investment Horizons

As the fourth quarter of 2025 dawned, ETFore unveiled plans to enrich its investment offerings with a diversified portfolio featuring 100+ unlisted companies. This expansion opened new horizons for investors seeking diverse growth opportunities.

Jan-Aug 2026

Unveiling the Future of Trading

With the arrival of 2026, ETFore's vision took shape as we commenced development on a trading platform dedicated to unlisted companies. This forward-looking initiative sets the stage for a revolutionary investment landscape.

November 2026

A Glimpse of Future

In the fourth quarter of 2026, a tantalizing preview of the future arrives as ETFore initiates a test launch of the unlisted company trading platform. This preview showcases our commitment to continuous innovation.

July 2027

A Grand Evolution

As the third quarter of 2027 unfolded, ETFore marked the culmination of its remarkable journey with a grand launch. The trading platform, fortified with AI integration, was unveiled, empowering common traders worldwide with unprecedented tools for success. This moment marked the zenith of our vision, turning aspirations into reality.

Industry Recognition: The launch of our innovative trading platform and AI integration in 2027 is likely to garner significant industry recognition, further solidifying our position as a leader in the financial technology sector.